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Enterprise Cloud Services (Pay-as-you-go)

Elevate your business using our VMware-driven cloud, boasting autoscaling, Kubernetes, DBaaS, containers, object storage, advanced networking, and unparalleled scalability. Explore our futuristic console and deploy VMs swiftly.

Email Services

Enhance productivity with a reliable, secure, and seamlessly integrated communication experience. Now you can enjoy the future of email services, powered by Smarter Tools and streamline workflows for optimal efficiency and collaboration.

Backup As a Service

Leverage VEEAM-powered backup as a service with simplifies data protection for managed backup solutions. It includes automated backups, secure storage, and data recovery services for enhanced data management.

Object Storage

Experience S3-compatible robust data storage, optimized with multi-tier architecture and archival options. It streamlines data management, provides secure API access, and maintains data security via keys.