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Enterprise Cloud Services (Pay-as-you-go)

Elevate your business using our VMware-driven cloud, boasting autoscaling, Kubernetes, DBaaS, containers, object storage, advanced networking, and unparalleled scalability. Explore our futuristic console and deploy VMs swiftly.

Email Services

Enhance productivity with a reliable, secure, and seamlessly integrated communication experience. Now you can enjoy the future of email services, powered by Smarter Tools and streamline workflows for optimal efficiency and collaboration.

Backup As a Service

Leverage VEEAM-powered backup as a service with simplifies data protection for managed backup solutions. It includes automated backups, secure storage, and data recovery services for enhanced data management.

Object Storage

Experience S3-compatible robust data storage, optimized with multi-tier architecture and archival options. It streamlines data management, provides secure API access, and maintains data security via keys.

Lite Cloud

Swift VM deployment in under 60 seconds, Lite Cloud is designed with a focus on simplicity, speed, and cost-effectiveness. Experience advanced functionalities such as load balancing, auto scaling, top-tier IOPs, and the highest level of security, all at unimaginably low prices.